Buffalo Rally 2010

The past weekend we had probably about 6,000 motor cycle fanatics taking Mossel Bay through the roof . . . no really they were so docile we could even sleep every night!!
Heavy rides . . .
Every year (this was the 5 year) some citizens complain about the Buff, then the Town Council organize a vote, and every year the vast majority votes to have them back the next year. They do our town’s adrenalyn junkie name proud! It adds to the might of adventure activities which made Mossel Bay the Adventure Capital of South Africa…

It was a roaring ride… from Santos beach, down Bland Street, around The Point, past Huijs te Marquette guest house, through the main street, via QwaNonqaba, and back to Santos Caravan park.

As usual great police presence – GREAT because, without interfering too much the uncontrollable were controlled and the poll will move up for another vast majority vote.

Tricks of the trade, memorabelia, fountains of food (or was it liquor?), bragging brats, and even the formal and normal.

Thanks for a lovely weekend, guys!!

‘Till we meet again, hopefully, next year?


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